Santiago de Compostela, November 9, 2021.- The Galician Cluster of Environmental Solutions and Circular Economy, VIRATEC, will collaborate with the Xunta to turn Galicia into a benchmark for climate neutrality. The objective is that our community assumes, with its own strategy, the goals established in the 26th United Nations Conference on climate change, held in Glasgow.

This is the main agreement of the meeting that the Cluster Board held this morning with the Regional Minister of Environment, Territory and Infrastructures, Ángeles Vázquez. To achieve this, VIRATEC will have a leading role with the Galician Government in the promotion of measures that contribute to limit global warming. In this sense, the president of the Cluster, Marcos Martín, stresses that “it is time to move from commitments to action; through public-private collaboration we have to move forward on the path of sustainability, only in this way the future will be circular or it will not be”. The president of the Cluster also emphasizes his commitment “to be the voice that brings together businesses and entities that join together against climate change”.

For her part, the Regional Minister of Environment, Territory and Housing, Ángeles Vázquez, emphasizes that “we need the support of VIRATEC to make the ecological transition a reality and stop being a headline”. Vázquez added that “for this reason, we delivered the VIRATEC Memorandum of Understanding, the declaration of intent by which the 260 signatory regions assume the challenge of implementing measures to limit global warming”.

VIRATEC is the first entity to know first-hand the points of this agreement in which Galicia commits to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.


Under2 Memorandum of Understanding: the road to ecological transition

The document signed in Glasgow states that the Xunta, together with VIRATEC, will act “as a climate leader” to achieve a 45% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 compared to 2010 levels.

The 260 signatories of the Report agree to work together on environmental and economic solutions. One of the points established in the document is the promotion of renewable energy and the abandonment of fossil fuels. The agreement also includes the implementation of strategies to reduce emissions from the industrial sector.

Traffic and transport are also the focus of the Memorandum signed at COP-26. In this case, Galicia will collaborate in the adoption of measures to promote zero-emission vehicles. In addition, the signatories agree to reduce deforestation and develop technologies to convert waste into raw materials or energy.

The Memorandum also includes the reduction of pollutants such as black carbon and methane, a measure that will result in improved air quality.


Galician Cluster of Environmental Solutions and Circular Economy, VIRATEC

VIRATEC was created to increase the technological and innovative capacity and competitiveness of Galician companies that offer environmental solutions. On the other hand, the Cluster works to promote the internationalization of the business network and contribute to the sustainable development of Galicia.

At present, the Galician Cluster of Environmental Solutions and Circular Economy, VIRATEC, is working on the development of its Strategic and Operational Plan. It is formed by more than 60 entities that mobilize more than 2,000 million euros.


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