A reference in the development and implementation of environmental technologies, processes and solutions at local, national and international level.


We help to increase the technological and innovative capacity, as well as the competitiveness of Galician companies that provide environmental solutions.

We foster an ecosystem of public-private and business cooperation by generating synergies between different areas of knowledge, promoting R&D&i, improving training and creating opportunities for internationalization.

Strategiac areas

  1. Fostering cooperation between companies of the sector.
  2. Promotion of excellence in technological capacity (R&D&i).
  3. Involvement in local and global environmental challenges.
  4. Awareness and dissemination of environmental culture.
  5. Contribution to the sustainable development of Galicia.
  6. Clean and efficient technologies.
  7. Strategic alliances.
  8. Contribution to the achievement of the SDG.
  9. Identification of opportunities for the internationalization of companies of the sector.


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