Description of the Cluster Manager’s profile and offer

The manager of the Clúster Galego de Solucions Ambientais e Economía Circular is responsible for overseeing and executing the Cluster’s mission, ensuring the smooth running of all operational and administrative aspects, including human resources management, financial management and event management, as well as safeguarding the integrity and governance of the organization. He is also responsible for maintaining regular contact with members. As Viratec’s most senior executive, he/she should have a minimum of experience in project management, as well as in the development of initiatives in the field of sustainability and circular economy.


Duties and Responsibilities:




Merits to be valued:


Other non-exclusive merits: 




Interested persons should send to their curriculum vitae and the documentation that allows the evaluation of all those aspects that reinforce the candidacy in relation to the exposed sections and especially a letter of motivation of their candidacy.

Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.