We are starting to implement specific measures of the Spain 2030 Circular Strategy with the 1st Circular Economy Action Plan approved by the Council of Ministers.

The Plan, with more than 1,500 million euros, includes 116 measures to be developed between 2021-2023 to consolidate a circular and decarbonised economic model.

These measures revolve around 8 axes:

  1. Production (17 measures
  2. Consumption (13 measures)
  3. Waste management (30 measures)
  4. Secondary raw materials (12 measures)
  5. Water reuse (4 measures)
  6. Awareness and participation (19 measures)
  7. Research, innovation and competitiveness (9 measures)
  8. Employment and training (12 measures)


The first axis focuses on production (design and manufacturing) and targets sectors ranging from forestry, tourism or the food industry.

It highlights the Circular SME initiative that seeks to integrate the circular economy in small and medium-sized enterprises, and to develop new business models, promote the generation of ideas and adapt to the change from the linear to the circular model.

This axis also included the financing of actions to implement the circular economy in private companies, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.